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Every project from Beyond Boutique Villas is undoubtedly unique and incomparable to any other place you will ever visit. Quite simply because it’s a one-off reflection of our passion for travel and design. We blend the inspiration we accumulate from all over the world with amazing local Balinese culture and stunning landscapes framed by mountains or the ocean. 


Even though the ingredients always change, our philosophy always stays the same: create a cozy and contemporary haven that’s close to our hearts to share our best experiences from all over the globe. Places full of vibrant personality where you absorb energy and happiness without distraction. Respectful to our planet, truthful to the island and tailored to your vibe.


It doesn’t matter if you live like a surfer, foodie, yogi, hipster, cafe racer, silence retreater or rock star: at our places we all connect. Always a tranquil oasis of luxury in close proximity of all the local highlights and buzz. Just simply open your heart to your fellow travellers and the amazing Balinese people to experience what we envision by traveling Beyond. See you soon!

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